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Pancretan Association of AmericaPancretan Association of America

The Pancretan Association of America (PAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Crete and the empowerment of its members to become effective and responsible citizens.

Cretan Alumni Network — 

Pancretan Youth of AmericaPancretan Youth of America

The PYA is the oldest federation of Greek American youth organizations in the nation. Founded in 1948, tens of thousands of Greek American youth and young adults have passed through its ranks into adulthood, keeping alive the sacred traditions, history and heritage of their ancestral homeland–the island of Crete. The PYA is comprised of twenty organized youth chapters and members at large from throughout the United States and Canada and is governed by a national Board of Directors, which is democratically elected at biennial national conventions.

World Council of CretansWorld Council of Cretans

The World Council of Cretans has as its mission the preservation of the ancestral heritage and the democratic traditions of the Cretan people and their transmission to newer generations and communities; the promotion of cultural events with the aim of preserving Cretan traditions and customs; the promotion of the idea of ​​syncretism of Cretans wherever and preservation of the interests and ideals of Crete and Hellenism. The cooperation and coordination among Cretan individuals and organizations for the reciprocal exchange of ideas, technology, and science to better address common problems and the economic development of Crete.